FILMTEC XLE-4040 4″ Membrane element

FILMTEC XLE-4040 4" Membrane element

Dow Filmtec™ XLE-4040 is a high-performance reverse osmosis element with low energy consumption. Suitable for purification of water with medium level of mineralization. It provides high quality water at low operating costs. The Dow Filmtec™ XLE-4040 membrane element operates at pressure minimal for reverse osmosis, by this reducing energy consumption.

FILMTEC LCLE-4040 4″ Membrane element

FILMTEC LCLE-4040 4" Membrane element

The membrane element Dow Filmtec™ LCLE-4040 is intended for commercial use. The substitute for the production of high purity water and guarantees a low cost of the water treatment system. Dow Filmtec™ LC LE-4040 provides high quality permeate even with low quality inlet water and low pressure.

ELP-4040 4″ membrane element

ELP-4040 4" membrane element

Membrane elements ELP-4040 are intended for purification of brackish water in low pressure systems. Large active surface area together with high rejection rates allows to use these membranes in variable pressure and flow conditions without deterioration of permeate quality.