Produktet e trajtimit të ujit ECOSOFT | Industrial 8" RO

- m³/h

BWT RO-2001 Multifunctional antiscalant 25 kg

RO Chemicals

- m³/h

EMEC FACO basic dosing pump set, 60 L

Dosing pumps kits

- m³/h

CIPSEP - CIP unit for 8″ membrane systems MO2, MO3 and MO4

CIP Stations

- m³/h

Raw water blending assembly for MO2, MO3 and MO4 8" RO systems

Raw water blending units

- m³/h

Permeate flushing assembly for Ecosoft MO2, MO3 and MO4 8" RO systems

Permeate flushing units

- m³/h

FilmTec™ BW30XFRLE-400/34 Membrane element

FilmTec™ BW30XFRLE-400/34

- m³/h

FilmTec™ BW30HRLE-440 Membrane element

FilmTec™ BW30HRLE-440

- m³/h

FilmTec™ BW30 PRO-400 Membrane element

FilmTec™ BW30 PRO-400

48 m³/day m³/h

FILMTEC ECO PRO-440 Membrane element


53 m³/day m³/h

FILMTEC XLE-440 Membrane element